Our Mission

At Richmond Hill Candle Company, as our family grew and our children aged, we realized how many chemicals and harsh ingredients we were being exposed to every single day. Even if we wanted to unwind with a glass of wine in a candle-lit bath, we were accidentally unleashing a bunch of toxins in the air. Not cool.

Our mission is simple. We want to make every house feel like home by filling it with scents you love; scents that transport you back to your favorite vacations, your favorite desserts, your happiest memories. Candles are truly magic. The flame of a candle can soothe your soul, and we want our candles to make you feel all the feels – without worrying about what else is around you. That’s why we use clean, safe ingredients. If we wouldn’t have it around our daughters or dogs, we don’t want it around yours!

We think one of life’s simplest pleasures is when you are sitting at home, relaxing with a glass of whisky or wine, watching the kids play in the backyard, while your home is filling with the scent that makes your stress melt away. We want to share that pleasure with you.


Our Story

veteran owned small business in savannah georgia

We are a wife-and-husband team pouring our hearts and souls into hand-pouring sustainably sourced soy candles without toxins or paraffins, using soybeans grown in the USA.

Ten years ago, if you would have told us that: Gordon would spend seven years in the Army, later decide to pursue a degree as a physical therapist, that we'd relocate our three daughters to Metro Atlanta, that he'd switch careers and end up graduating from a top Lineman trade-school, and then we'd relocate AGAIN to Coastal Georgia when he started his new career as an Apprentice Lineman – we would have told you that you were crazy. (Gordon here. If you then said, “Oh, and then you and your wife start a candle company.” Well, I would have thought you were out of your mind. I would have also wondered how in the hell my wife was still with me after all that.) But here we are, happy as ever, and doing what we love.


Soy candles made in the USA